Charged With A Felony Offense? Get Trusted Legal Counsel Now.

Besides a potential prison sentence, a felony conviction can leave you with a damaging criminal record. I am defense attorney Maritza Antu, the founder of The Antu Law Firm, and I am ready to fight for your freedom and future after you have been charged with a felony crime.

I will use my extensive trial and legal experience to defend you if you have been charged with a serious crime. As a former chief prosecuting attorney, I personally tried over 70 cases to a jury. I learned that the best defense is one that is detailed, thorough, and aggressive. I will aggressively help you pursue the best outcome when you are under investigation or have been charged with a felony.

A Strong Defense From Start To Finish

Each client and situation involves special circumstances that deserve careful scrutiny. Were you acting in self-defense? Are the accusations or criminal charges exaggerated or simply wrong?

If I am your defense lawyer, I will leave no stone uncovered while searching for the key to a favorable result, such as a case dismissal, acquittal at trial, or reduced charges or penalties. Let me evaluate the facts and the charges that you face, namely:

A first-degree felony such as:

  • Aggravated assault of a public servant, aggravated robbery or aggravated sexual assault
  • Murder or attempted capital murder
  • Human trafficking of children under age 14
  • Drug possession

A second-degree felony such as:

  • Aggravated assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Human trafficking
  • Arson or robbery
  • Possession of up to 2000 pounds of marijuana

A third-degree felony such as:

  • Deadly conduct with a firearm
  • Indecent exposure to a child
  • A felon’s possession of a firearm
  • DWI (third offense)

A state jail felony such as:

  • Cruelty to animals
  • DWI with a child in the vehicle
  • Forgery or any white-collar fraud

I will look for every avenue of hope. For example, one of the following may apply in your case:

  • There may be an opportunity to have your charges reclassified at the misdemeanor level.
  • Law enforcement agents may have committed illegal search or an illegal seizure. The evidence may not be admissible.
  • You may be battling an addiction to opioids. Treatment may be an option.

A detailed investigation can point the way to the most promising avenue of defense.

Get Your Case Analysis Underway

I am ready to start investigating and developing a defense strategy for you. To schedule a free consultation, call my office in Houston at 713-853-9656 or complete the online contact form. I am proficient in English and Spanish.